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 About MPLS and Whether MPLS Prices are Suitable for Business Requirements.

Written by: Les Harper - Aug 20, 2014

Choosing an MPLS (Mutlti Protocol Label Switching) or point to point provider is not always easy so the following article is designed to assist potential customers in deciding whether an mpls network is suitable for their business. Our mpls prices are some of the most sought after for cost effectiveness and competitiveness. We guarantee our prices will not be beaten by approaching the carrier directly.

Costs are reducing and changing daily so current pricing from our tier 1 providers is essential to compare the cost of your MPLS requirements. Usually a price is given that satisfies your particular business requirements. If not we can negotiate on your behalf to obtain the most cost effective solution.

MPLS is an abbreviation for Multi-protocol Label Switching . It belongs to a family of packet switched networks. This mechanism is used in telecommunications networks to direct and carry data from one network node (computer/telephone) to another. This creates virtual links between distant nodes (sometimes known as point to point). It is scalable and protocol agnostic and hence it can encapsulate packets (pieces of information) from various network protocols and carry them across the mpls network.

Each packet pushed into the network for transmission is assigned a label. The label is read without accessing the contents of the packet and transmitted to the correct destination without reference to any protocol. Hence there is no dependence on any particular technology. It can, therefore, replace a number of technologies that were previously deployed for data transmission with speed.

The initial concept of the technology was first developed by engineers from Ipsilon Networks. Cisco did similar work in the development of “Tag Switching” and this was handed over to IETF for open standardization. A number of providers were then involved in the final design of the technology. This is the reason why this technology is vendor independent; permits the creation of simple high speed switches and supports multiple service models for traffic management. The robust recovery framework goes beyond simple protection rings that are available with synchronous optical networking protocols.

The labels that are assigned to the different packets are called headers. A set of packets containing headers is known as a stack.

Each label contains four fields--the label value; the 3 bit traffic class or priority; 1 bit bottom of the stack flag and 8 bit time to live field. The entry and exit points of the network are called Label edge routers. These label routers push the MPLS label onto the incoming packet and pop it off the outgoing packet. The routers then exchange label reach-ability information with each other using standardized procedures and build a complete picture of the network for forwarding packets. At the end of the network, the labels are examined once again and based on the contents the packets are swapped, pushed or popped. Pre- built look up tables tell the network what kind of operation needs to be performed on the basis of the topmost label of the incoming packet.

Mpls or point to point is often installed with two types of standardized protocols— the CR-LDP or Constraint based Routing Label distribution protocol and RSVP-TE or Resource Reservation Protocol.

The Multi-protocol Label Switching works in conjunction with the IP or Internet Protocol.

Mpls is currently used only with “IP only” networks. It also allows for creation of VPN(Virtual Private Networks) for providing traffic isolation for those who want a secure system in place. Multi-protocol Label Switching can also be used for Martini Drafts that define how it can be used to support Layer 2 transport services such as Ethernet, Frame Relay or ATM. These drafts also define the encapsulation methods in Layer 2 an the transport signalling methods of this layer.

Many other service providers use Multi-protocol Label Switching for providing easy migration to L2 service customers. A number of other services are also provided over MPLS networks with a range of choices for the convenience of customers.

If you feel MPLS or Pint to Point is something you would want please contact our Product Specialists for a no obligation discussion. We look forward to providing you with mpls prices from some of the best providers.